My Blessings...

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am blessed. Yes I am. How am I blessed? I guess I will count the ways, by stern command of my dear friend, Vonnie:)

  1. love of God
  2. love for God
  3. personal relationship with God
  4. salvation
  5. future home waiting for me -- Heaven
  6. husband's love
  7. parents's love
  8. children's love
  9. love of friends that God so tenderly and thoughtfully placed in my life, who always point up when I am down
  10. church family
  11. house to live in while on earth
  12. health of my family
  13. a job I enjoy along with enjoyable co-workers
  14. thinking about having the summer off
  15. doctors that truly care for me and want to help me
  16. green grass sprouting after a long winter
  17. relaxing times of watching Nik play baseball
  18. watching our kids grow up, making wise decisions, and doing well
  19. i got to hang out a load of laundry today -- so thankful for the promise of spring!

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