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>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

Questions to ponder this Saturday morning from sunny Pensacola, Florida. Maybe someone can help me answer. But then again, maybe not...

1. Is he a woman? or is she a man? I don't know. Our front desk clerk has us confused or maybe he/she is the one confused. I'm just saying....

2. Surely there are things to do in Florida, right? Why are we having so many problems finding them then? Hmmm?

3. Why do these men ask me what I want to do and then don't take me to do them? I don't get it. :) Really truly don't.

4. Why, oh why can't I enjoy the sights and marvel at creation without my teenage son making fun of me and telling me I'm stupid? Oh boy. When did he get to be the dork police? No one elected him for that position.

5. Why, when we go to a beautiful beach, full of white sand that squishes in your toes when you walk barefoot, oh why was I the only one with my shoes off enjoying it?

6. And speaking of beaches, why was I the only one standing in that cold, clear Gulf water? Why would anyone want to pass up that experience? Hmmm?

Well, I was just curious. Maybe you've experienced these same problems. Then again, if you don't travel with guys, maybe not:) LOL! I am having a good time despite them. No, actually, we're having a very good time because of them, too. Really. Just had to poke some fun at my guys.

I hope to get to the beach again today. I also want to see the lighthouse on the Naval base. It's our last day. I really hope I get to sit and watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico again. I really want to soak up some sun before we head back to cold winter Illinois weather. I'm just saying...

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