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>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Patty at Patterings is hosting a missions month. I, being the great procrastinator, have waited til the very last minute to get mine in but I have done it! Years ago I read the book, God's Smuggler, by Brother Andrew. This week I started to reread it. Now I know why I remembered this book out of all the ones I've read. Brother Andrew grew up in Holland. As a child, he told the story of how he would lag behind his family so there wouldn't be a seat for him in the pew. He would then sit in the very back by the door so he could sneak out. He timed it just perfectly so he could stand by the minister as people shook the man's hand and in this way, he would pick up tidbits so that his cover would not be blown. Well -- this boy grew up to be a man that had a fantastic call on his life.

He couldn't get enough of church. He longed for a closer and closer relationship with God. Soon it was apparent that he would be a missionary. He began in 1955 by being a one-man missionary. He took in Bibles and spoke to Christians behind the Iron Curtain. There are amazing stories he recounts. This is a must-read. What I enjoyed the most is how he was taught to totally rely on the Lord to supply his every need.

Brother Andrew called his new way of living -- the Game of the Royal Way. He discovered that God would supply his every need without him having to beg. God would do it in the most Kingly manner. In school they were sent off in small groups. They had two rules they had to stick to: they could never mention a need aloud, and they gave away a tithe of whatever came to them as soon as they got it - within 24 hours. They were not allowed to take up collections or even mention money at their meetings. All their needs had to be provided without any manipulation on their part or their experiment would be a failure. This I can't even fathom! And you know what? His every need was met and he was taught great lessons and these lessons are now passed on to us, the readers.

His one-man mission work grew to be called, "Open Doors International, a nondenominational organization with bases around the world. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in missionary accounts. It is most awesome!

And now, Peej -- I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This has been a fantastic way to celebrate with you! What a great idea! Happy, happy, happy birthday my friend!

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