Espresso Truffle - A Must Try!

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday morning I had to take Kristen in to Bloomington for a State-wide teacher test. I went, with my lap top and debit card, to Starbucks. I ordered the Espresso Truffle. Oh my! Wow! It was chocolaty heaven. Wonderful. While I enjoyed it, I worked on my NaNoWriMo project. I am now up to page 35, and last night I was right on track at 13,412 words! It is most amazing considering I am having such horrendous headaches.

While at Starbucks I also watched people and one family became a part of my story. I am going to share a bit of it with you now. I do hope you enjoy. The purpose of NaNo is to get you to write. Later on, when the month is over, editing will begin, but for now: WRITE WRITE WRITE. It's a good experience for me. I really appreciate your prayers. This is a goal I really want to achieve. So please, no trying to correct any mistakes you see. Okay? Here it is, ready or not!

Chapter something or other
found somewhere in there:)

Barb held the door open for a young family of four. The two children, a boy and girl, sat down at the table giggling while their mom ordered.

“Espresso Truffle, double shot and caramel macchiato, decaf.” Jenn and Dave’s order was ready.

Dave took their drinks and followed Jenn to an available table. She chose to sit near the small family. They drew her attention and made her heart fill with joy for some reason.

“Coffee and my Davie, it just doesn’t get better than this,” she smiled coyly above her warm chocolaty drink. She then was drawn back to the small family.

The mother brought donuts to the two children and they ate them up. The little blond girl smiled with delight. The glasses that rested on her nose made her face seem even smaller, more elfish. She chewed with her mouth opened, and wiggled her head at each bite. She rocked back and forth in the chair. The father then brought their drinks. The small white cups had a cloud of steam off of them. The boy looked to be about eight. His cheeks dimpled in when he took a drink of his hot chocolate.

“Be careful, it might be too hot,” the mother said.

The father looked at the boy and asked, “You want a drink of coffee?”

“I do but mom said no.” The father handed the boy his drink.

The young boy slowly brought it up to his lips. He started to take a sip and then put it back down. He finally took a drink. “Blah.” He quickly handed it back to his dad. They all laughed except for the little boy with a horrendous coffee taste in his mouth. The little girl decided to try her hand at her first coffee taste. She stuck her tongue out and spit. She then rubbed her tongue to wipe away the taste. She was not impressed either. Neither one were convinced that mocha was another name for chocolate.

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