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>> Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just a fun little sample of what I wrote today for NaNo.
I hope you enjoy:) And please, please treat your pastor's wife nicely:)
Jenn listened to hear if an answer would come but none did. She heard kicking and screaming going on in the kitchen so she followed the sounds that no one could have ignored. She saw Tammy holding up a little guy by the shirt and washing his butt in the sink with the sprayer.

Jennifer rolled her eyes at this thoroughly disgusting sight she was seeing. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if the sink weren’t full of dishes. “Oh man,” she thought. She rushed over to Tammy’s side to see what she could do.

“Tammy,” she stood and put her hand on the woman’s well defined, muscular arm.

Tammy jumped. “Oh, Jennifer. Why are you here?”

Jennifer almost said something that wouldn’t have been very becoming from a pastor’s wife and then thought better of it and stopped herself. “You called me, remember?” She tried to keep the irritation out of her voice but she wasn’t sure it worked.

“Jenn, you came at a God awful time. The kids are being bad and little Henry here pooped his diaper big time. This seemed the easiest way to clean him.” Tammy suddenly realized what Jenn was seeing and stopped dead in her tracks. She turned the water off and wrapped the little baby in a dish towel.

Jennifer began, “Listen Tammy, do you need help? I’m here now. Maybe we could talk as I helped you do whatever needs to be done.” Jenn shuddered. She couldn’t believe she just volunteered to help after her long day of work.

Tammy looked a little reluctant at first and then made a quick decision. She handed Little Henry to her, dish towel and all, and said she would be ever so grateful if she could get him dressed. Tammy then walked away to the next problem and left Jenn scrambling to figure out where the diapers were or a diaper bag. Even a kid would be nice at this point, to help her get what she needed.

It was unusually quiet for this house. She wondered what was going on and who did what with the little angels. Tory went zipping by on a scooter, just missing Jenn’s toes. “Honey?” Jenn tried to stop her but she went by too quickly. “Where are Henry’s diapers, Honey?”

Tory pointed to a large orange diaper bag and then was on her way again. Jenn couldn’t believe she hadn’t notice that atrocity. She pulled out a diaper and a clean onesey. She went to the front room and cleared a seat on the couch so she could diaper the squirmy little thing.

Just as Jenn was about done dressing Henry, Tammy came back into the room. She plopped on the recliner, with a newborn hooked to the boob. Tammy hadn’t even covered herself up. It was there for all to see. Jenn looked away quickly, her face reddening.

Tammy noticed this and reached over and threw a t shirt over the little girl, at a vain attempt at trying to cover herself up. “Welcome to my world.” She grinned at Jenn and Jenn grinned back. She had no idea what else to do. “Since you’re here, you think you could grab that bottle on the stove and give it to Lil Henry for me? I’m sure he’s getting hungry, too.”

Jenn set Henry on the couch so she could boost herself up then reached back down and got the baby. She found the bottle and went back and sat down on the couch in front of Tammy. Henry rooted around looking for the nipple. Jenn then remembered what she was doing and stuck it in the little guy’s mouth. He made suckly piggish sounds as he guzzled the milk.

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