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>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

I missed the deadline this morning for, "Home for the Holidays" topic. I had the idea as we passed a very bad accident last night. It's not even proofed. Please pray for travel mercies as many are on the roads this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving from the Hubrichs as they travel from Illinois to Florida to see our son! I am now typing in a hotel room in Athens, Alabama. Woohoo! Halfway there!

“Mommy, when are we getting to Grammy’s house?” Joey squirmed as much as his booster seat would allow.

“Almost there, Buddy. Sit still now.” Joan turned around to look him in the eye.

Joey saw the seriousness of his mom’s look and sat still, suddenly absorbed in his new Christmas coloring book.

The traffic was bumper-to-bumper. Aaron kept his whole attention on the task at hand.

Joan started to sing, “Over the river and through the woods…”

Joey jumped in with his off-key little boy soprano voice, “to Grammama’s house we go!”

Joan finished the song while Joey giggled at seeing the silliness in his mommy, something he rarely saw when his daddy was around.

After a few minutes of silence, Joan check on Joey to make sure he was still awake. “You okay, Jo-Jo?”

“I was just thinkin’…”

“What were you thinking?” Joan questioned.

“We didn’t pray, Mommy. We pray before we go to Grammy’s house… ‘member?”

Joan looked at Aaron. “He’s right, Honey. Why didn’t we pray?”

Aaron didn’t take his eyes off the traffic. “Probably because we were in a hurry.” He took a quick peek in his rear-view mirror, “Hey, Bud, can you pray for us right now? I’m kind of busy. Mommy can help you.”

Joey smiled. “I can do it, Daddy.” He squiggled in straight into his seat as he prepared for this most important job of the trip. “Dear Jesus, me and Mommy and Daddy are going to Grammy’s house. Please watch over us. Keep Daddy driving good.”

Joan finished for him, “Yes, Lord… thank You for Your hand of protection on us so far. Forgive us for not remembering to pray before we left. Thank You so much for this great little boy You gave to us. It’s in Your name we pray… Amen.”

“Amen.” Aaron added.

And Joey finished it off, “Amen.”

At that very moment, a semi suddenly spun out of control.

Aaron gripped the wheel tight and threw on his breaks. “Lord help us.”


Joey walked between Joan and Aaron. They lifted him up by his arms, and swung him high in the air. “Are we almost there yet, Daddy?” Joey asked.

“I think so, Bud.” Aaron assured the excited little boy.

“We’re home for the holidays, Honey,” Joan smiled at her boys.

Joey let go of his parents hands and ran off to the man that stood in front of them. “Jesus!”

Jesus opened His arms up wide and readied Himself as Joey plowed into Him. Joey snuggled his face into Jesus’ robe. Joan and Aaron came up behind and all were welcomed joyfully.

“My children, you are home for the holidays. Welcome!”

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