What I Like About Me - Hmmm...

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh boy. Joanne asked me to list three things I liked about myself. It really is hard. It's much easier to find strengths in others than ourselves. Steam is coming out of my ears. I'll try, for Jo, I suppose.

I love to make friends. That's a good thing, right?
I love to encourage others in their walk with the Lord and in pursuing their dreams and using their talents.

One more, huh? Ugh...

I bounce back easily when I've been hurt. I am very forgiving and forgetful:)

Okay, now I get to choose three to take part in this misery!
I choose Vonnie from My Back Door.
Marita from Mari Flower.
And Amy from Sparrow's Flight.

You can find these blogs on my side bar:) I can't remember how to add them here - :) Sorry. Hope everyone is having a great day! Be sure to tell a Veteran how much you appreciate all they've done for us! Also, don't forget our men and women who are serving now! Happy Veteran's Day!

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