Another Update!

>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

Its been crazy lately. Jim is back from Hawaii. He had a great time but it was very hard to leave Ryan right before his surgery. That is very discouraging. They did lots together and have the pictures to prove it. Ryan had his surgery but now is recovering very slowly.

Please pray for our boy, will you please? He sounds so lonely and lost on the phone.

Nik has been playing lots of baseball. He plays left field and pitches some. He's a really good ball player. Kristen is busy with kids, almost too busy. She's getting a bit frustrated but is making a big impact on lots of kids lives.

My last day of summer school is tomorrow. It is truly a miracle that I have made it. The other teacher I worked with, Leslie, helped me lots. It was good that we taught together. She did the math and I did reading and I am so glad that's what we did. I've really enjoyed getting to know her, too. I'm glad to be done. And now I have 18 days before I leave for Washington. It concerns me, though, because I haven't felt well at all. I'm having really hard days of pain. Nothing will keep me away, though, so I'm asking for lots of prayer:)

That's what's going on in our lives right now. Thank you all for praying for our family so much. We all appreciate it more than you can know.

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