Are We There Yet?

>> Monday, June 2, 2008

Good morning, All! This is Monday. I LOVE Mondays! Especially the first Monday of summer vacation! Yea! After my post yesterday, I had a few people share with me that they feel they are on the road to Nowhere. One person said she likes being there, its more comfortable. Less scary. When we set off for Somewhere, an unknown where's with our Lord, it is scary but its exciting at the same time. Every moment we surrender ourselves to our Daddy, we're on a new leg of the trip.

Just like our kids in the backseat of the mini-van, we cry out, "Are we there yet?" Meanwhile, we jostle each other: jab, poke, irritate, sing, laugh, make messes, pinch, cry, and play games. I wonder if God ever thinks about pulling the van over and giving us a good spanking?

The road to Somewhere is exciting, isn't it? Just a little? Can't you catch the excitement? Catch my excitement then. Are you ready? I LOVE changes so of course I would love the road to Somewhere. Look -- out the window! Did you see it? Wow! And just look at the sky! OOOh! And the mountains -- on my goodness! (I can't wait until I write that for reals in July!)

I have two friends who aren't sure of their paths right now. One knows where she's going but doesn't want to go there. I hurt for her so much and hardly know what to say to help. Another friend is so ready to move on but doesn't know where it will be and that is quite scary for her. In both cases, they are Godly women who cry out to their Father and who listen and obey. I admire them and know that they will make the best out of their situations.

The one who loves changes (ME) will probably never move out of the little spot in the road, not ever. But the road to Somewhere isn't necessarily a physical place. My road is spiritual. Its very bumpy sometimes, and that's due to me taking the wrong turn, I'm sure. I seem to do that often.

All our separate roads to Somewhere intersect with each other somewhere along the way. God puts LOVE in our paths to keep us encouraged and laughing. I am so grateful for all the LOVE that He has put on my road to Somewhere! They are in the form of physical bodies (my friends from home who I actually get to see in person) and cyber bodies (in the form of email and IM) and the sweet, laughing voices on the other end of a phone.

So, no, we aren't there yet, to answer my question, BUT let's have some fun on the journey to our separate Somewheres. Okay? No fear.
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 (New International Version)

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