Sad Little Tale:)

>> Friday, June 27, 2008

It is with a scared look on my face that I say -- "I have to go to the dentist soon." Now the scared face is replaced by a scowl. ugh.

And my best friend has left to go to family camp where they will minister. We won't have many opportunties to connect while she's gone. But the times we do, we will thank God for.

Another friend has moved to a different city, a place that she really doesn't want to be and has no home of her own yet. She's living in a basement with her 3 kids and husband. She's without an internet connection that she can freely use so our time is severely limited. Praying for her right now that she knows that I haven't forgotten about her. I think and pray for her all the time.

And its Friday and I got very little done this week, my first week after summer school. I'll have to do better next week. I have to work really hard so that I'll be ready for my trip!

So I will leave this sad little tale alone until I come back where it will probably only get sadder as I will have a sore, numb mouth. A sad little ditty for a Friday afternoon indeed


I know things will look up soon as I look up to my God and remember His love for me.

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