The Dark Side...

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okay now -- here's the deal:

For some odd reason, I am being sucked into the latte love club. I've never had one, remember. I hate coffee. At least I think I do. I'm not sure if I've ever tasted it (isn't that funny?) I used to make it lots for my mom and dad, though. Hmmm...

I feel an unknown force drawing me. I'm hearing voices... Let's see. One voice is a young one. "Come to the dark side, the dark brown delish side." That would be my friend Kristen with her bedhead:)

"Feel the latte love, Laury. Can you feel it?" That's Mari.

And Laura's voice! Just wait til you hear this one! "Sushi, you must try sushi." (Giggling) Well, she can't believe I don't like latte's either but I can't think of what she told me but the sushi conversation stands out REALLY GOOD! Read my lips: I WILL NEVER EVER NEVER BE DRAWN TO SUSHI! NEVER! (Sorry Laura;)

I feel it. Yesterday I was at McDonalds with Nik and they now sell latte's. I was sorely tempted. But I promised to save my first latte for Mari and that, my friends, is happening in twelve days! woohoo!!! Maybe we will even get the first taste on the camera and post it. I'm sure it will be most interesting.

And you know what else?

I am going to be sooo very disappointed if I end up not liking them. I'll have to go back to my sweet Tea at McDonalds.

Well, I do have a point to all this madness. Really, truly.

The people I hang around with are influencing me. They are drawing me into their interests. This is a very good reminder to be wary of what we listen to on TV and to be careful of who we spend time with. In my case, I have truly wonderful, great, marvelous friends who woo me into right living for the Lord. One woos me into getting a routine for house cleaning. Others woo me into submitting articles that I've written. I have influences in my life and I am drawn to them because of my deep love for them.

I am drawn to my Lord, too. I hear Him wooing me. He is whispering in my ear. This morning I woke up singing, "Give God the glory." And I am. I give God the glory. Everything in my life I give to Him and I give Him glory.

I feel God's love surrounding me. He's holding me in the palm of His hand and it is so very comforting. Anyone want to come sit with me there? We can giggle and sip latte's and feel the ultimate peace and love -- right here in God's palm. Come meet me, okay? I'll be waiting....

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