Oh the Pain!

>> Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have almost finished my first week of summer school! Its lots of fun. The kids are great. Well, the kids are just plain wonderful, who am I kidding? I've gotten lots of hugs this week. Wow! One little girl wrote me a note today. She said how pretty I was and that she was glad I was teaching summer school. Oh...

I started a private blog for them. I'm really hoping I don't get in trouble with it. I've googled it and it doesn't come up. The only way to get in is with the link and no comments can be made on it without going through me. I don't wanna get in trouble:) Nope, sure don't. But anyway... the kids just love it! I've been writing about what we do that day and yesterday I let them write a sentence on there about what would make their teacher (me) frantic (one of their new vocabulary words.) See if you wouldn't be scared to walk in to this class!

By seeing a snake in her bed. -- lilly & Tiffany
by putting a snake and rat in her lunch -- rocket & King Boo, & CamJ
by putting a big giant spider in her lunch -- minni & JoJo
by puting a turanchla in her desk -- Sissy & Khelsea
putting a thousand cockroches in her desk and her chair--by MO, FROG, & Summer
If she found a rat in herdesk--Rose & Lusero

Mrs. Hubrich says, "Argh! I am really scared now. I am frantic!"

I think we need to talk about what makes up a complete sentence -- how about you? Too funny!

But... I hurt really bad. Really... I'm dragging. I love it, good thing. But I'm having a hard time. I am so glad I am team teaching with Leslie. She's a woman from our church and I'm so grateful to be getting to know her. Just wonderful, she is! It certainly doesn't help to have a cold on top of it all. Oh, the pain. What a pain!

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