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>> Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today Nik has a baseball double-header in Danville. I'm really hoping some of my family can make it since it is right there where they live but everyone is so busy, its hard to arrange it. Well, Nik's team won the first game but lost the second. My dad did get to come. It was GREAT watching him walk down the drive to the diamond. They only live about a 1/2 mile from there. Nik hit a double and his grandpa got to see that! And I caught a foul ball. I saved some people in the bleachers -- me and my quick reflexes saved the day!

I talked to Jim last night. Ryan was buying snorkeling equipment. They were going to Waikiki beach but Jim said the swells were really high so not sure if any snorkeling got done. Yes, the swells were too big, I guess. Ryan will be spending at least one night in the hospital after his surgery. I'm glad they're keeping him since he will be alone afterwards. That is so frustrating but we have to believe things are working out the way they are supposed to. Jim leaves tonight at 10:30 PM Hawaii time (they are five hours behind central time zone) He won't be home until 9:30 PM on Monday night.

Today Jim and Ryan are taking an island tour with a guide. I'm so glad Jim went or else Ryan never would have had these experiences, I'm sure. Its no fun to do these kinds of things alone, I guess. They had fun on their tour. Jim said they've been eating out lots. He just might be ready to have my cooking again. Umm, probably not!

Ryan is now officially off his submarine. He got the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal and a nice plaque. He would like to get in to recruiting, so I hope that works out for him. Jim leaves at 10 PM Hawaii time Sunday night. He'll be home sometime on Monday.

Kristen got through a busy week of VBS and tutoring for two families and babysitting LOTS! Kristen is starting a Sunday School class for special needs children at our church very soon. There is such a big need for it. Please pray it goes over well and that she can get kind, compassionate teachers to take a week.

I have been busy judging entries this week for FW Oh wow! Finally got done with the entries. and teaching Summer School. this is our last week! Yay! I HAVE to finish cleaning our bedroom. I got overambitious and started but then ran out of time and energy so Jim's side of the bed is full;) I'm guessing I better finish it before he gets back.

It will be great to have Jim back again. I don't think we've ever been apart this long. I miss him.

That is the most recent news about the Hubrich family from Tabor, Illinois:)

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