Bloody fingers

>> Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I was looking outside the window today, enjoying the view. Great promises wanting to be fulfilled was what I saw. Last night I began to perk up and feel a bit better and this morning I woke up to hope of a better day.

I created a list of goals for my summer. I spent a bit of time with my son while he waited for his ride. I did a few things around the house.

Just as I took my last excited look out the window before I began to plunge into my day, the window was slammed shut. It wouldn't be so bad but my fingers were still there. All hope was dashed like a bucket of cold water thrown at me. It certainly brought me back to the reality of my situation.

Now I am in bed once again, nursing a little grudge against God, wondering why I would have a peek of better times and then have it taken away so quickly. I'll be okay. I always bounce back. Soon I'll get up. Wrap up my bloody fingers. And feel a bit of hope again. But not yet.

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