Quirky, Am I Quirky? Oh, Let me Count the Ways!

>> Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Okay, my blogging buddy Kristen, from Taste Buds, (find her link on my list of favorites, don't have time to try to figure out a better link for you right now. Sorry) has issued a challenge. She wants to know about our quirkiness and you know what? I'm just quirky enough to share!

I am way too transparent sometimes. Whoever reads this blog will come to know me, the real me, quickly. Transparency, is that a quirky trait?

I love to read in bed late at night by flashlight while my husband snores beside me.

Silly songs are in the works if you catch me at the right time. I will joyfully croak out a rhyming treat for you without even being asked!

I'll eat soup for breakfast. I LOVE soups! If its made and leftover in the fridge, I'm there!

An unmade bed has no effect on me whatsoever! In fact, I spend much of my days in bed, sad to say. My bed is my writing throne, my desk.

I LOVE mornings. Its brand new. I certainly haven't made any mistakes yet. I know, many think its ugly-o'clock, but I think mornings are just wunnerful!

So there you have it -- 6 quirks about Laury Ann Hubrich or, as my yahoo buddies now call me: HALLY (Hubrich, Ann, Laury) I've never had a nickname before and a friend rose to the challenge and this is what she came up with.

If you want to share your quirkiness, link it back to Kristen's Taste Buds blog and ENJOY reading about others, too!


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