>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going to spring baseball games is a test of endurance. It is extremely cold. And as I get older, the cold seeps into my bones and won't let go. I hobble around and moan about it for days. When I do finally get warmed up, there's another game. Too old to have a fourteen-year-old, for sure! And we get to do this for another 3 years plus maybe college. Good thing I love to watch my boy play!

This morning as I was bemoaning the fact that I was still cold after last night, I got to thinking about spiritual coldness. I would much rather be cold in my bones than walk away from my faith and become indifferent to the Lord.

"But you walked away from your first love—why? What's going on with you, anyway? Do you have any idea how far you've fallen? A Lucifer fall!
"Turn back! Recover your dear early love. No time to waste, for I'm well on my way to removing your light from the golden circle." -- Revelation 2:4-5, The Message

I will never walk away from my first love: not from the Lord, not from my husband. I have written it and now, I am sure, I will be tested.

"Lord, please help me stand under any pressure that might come my way because of my public declaration for you and my husband. I do love You and want that first love kind of attitude to come back. Thank You for loving me back. Thank You for the love of my husband. Thank You in general today, Lord. I just wanted to say, Thank you!"

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