Baby Smooches

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today I am at my neighbor's house using their internet. Well, have been doing that all week but today I am going to babysit the youngest and the oldest kids while the rest go shopping. I love getting baby drool smeared on my cheek as Colten attempts to kiss me. So sweet. There's nothing like baby drool to get you up and wiping your face off:)

I am so ready to have internet again. Our provider came and took away our equipment yesterday. He said he couldn't get a signal anymore and let us out of our contract. We are very limited in our options so that was very scary. We chose Sky Way USA. I hope it was the right decision. It was made rather hastily but Jim knows how much I depend on the internet. I was really upset, am very upset. We've been without it since last Wednesday. That seems like an eternity.

But the good thing is that I'm getting loved all over by little girls and a baby boy. That is a really good thing right now. Am feeling very isolated and so lonely. Hopefully, between 3-5 days, we will have our internet back up and running (I hope running smoothly and fast) We've never heard of this company so that is kind of scary.

For now, I will get on whenever I am able and will enjoy the baby smooches I get while I'm logged in, with Colten sitting on my lap:)

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