What to do when the Internet is Down:)

>> Sunday, July 20, 2008

One morning, I opened my eyes, stretched, got out of bed, turned on my laptop and the internet did NOT connect. Oh my! What to do? I remembered there is a whole big world out there, outside of the net:) Really!

Let's see:
*I cuddled with my hubby more.
*We've swam lots, even had a family moonlight swim last night.
*Got stung by wasps 3 times now (not so much fun but memorable! UGH...)
*Visited friends that I probably wouldn't have went to see that night (I needed to use their internet connection) but we also had a very nice visit, too.
*Let's see, I played with our neighbor girls and went swimming with them.
*Talked to my daughter up in her room late at night.
*Sat outside and talked on the phone, enjoying the full moon.

It hasn't been all that bad BUT I'm so ready for our internet to be fixed. Really I am! I hope to be online soon, on my own line:) Can't wait and I will be so much more grateful for it!

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