Of Wasps and Pools

>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

I discovered something this morning. I was happily splashing in our pool, the very first time this summer because it just now got clean enough for this girlie-girl:) and reached in to check the filter and got stung by a wasp. It wouldn't let go so I dunked down into the water. I really hope it drowned! Ugh...

My son said he knew the wasp nest was there. I'm really hoping Jim didn't know or I will be slightly irritated that he didn't do anything about it. I spent a nice time in the pool stretching, exercising, and floating but did my best to stay on my own side of the pool -- far, far away from the stingy wasps. They were very irritated that I dare invade their territory.

As I hung up clothes, though, they dared invade my area. Wasps, pools, and clotheslines don't mix. Something has got to go and I do believe it should be the wasps. That is only my opinion anyway. I'm sure they would have a different take on the matter.

I lay in bed this morning, struggling to get up, but knowing I needed to do it when I get the crazy idea to go swimming. For my reward, I get stung. Life seems to be a stingy experience somtimes. In order to live life, you sometimes have to hurt. Living and loving is so very painful but is so very worth it so I choose to live and love some more. I will try my best to stay away from the stingy stuff that will attempt to knock me out of life but if it attacks anyway, I'll get up, brush myself off, and go at it again. C'est la vie.

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