Mar-E!!! Laur-E!!!

>> Monday, July 7, 2008

Somewhere, lost in Tabor, Illinois, lived a woman looking for a best friend to share her most intimate secrets with. She was surrounded by the greatest of friends but they were all so busy with their own lives. It wasn't enough. Poor Laur-E needed more.

Far away, in a foreign land, clear in Washington State, lived a woman named Mar-E. She was a pastor's wife that didn't realize just how much she was in need of a friend.

Somehow, through circumstances beyond their control, the two above-mentioned characters, were introduced to each other. They both shared a love of writing and both had a love for the Lord and their families. Being the same age and much the same season of life, the two hit it off and have become fast friends. It started through the Faithwriters Boards, http://">Faithwriters then e-mails. It soon progressed to Instant Messages and phone calls. The latest mode of communication is web-cam, which put a whole new dimension to the relationship. They are often caught by their families visiting on webcam, talking on the phone (because Mar-E doesn't have a mic) and instant messaging, all at the same time. These two truly are funny, middle-aged women.

The way hasn't been easy. Each experienced horrific storms through their six-month friendship but the other was always there to help pick up the pieces and keep pointing up to the One who holds the true comfort.

Separated by thousands of miles, the two were destined to never meet face-to-face. Divine intervention and friends who desired to make dreams come true, soon changed the destiny of these two very lonely women.

And on Tuesday, July 8th, the two will meet in the Portland, Oregan airport. Who says dreams don't come true? They do. They really do. A week together will seal their friendship tightly.

**Author's note: Two most awesome friends, Am-E and Janell-E will also be anxiously waiting at the airport. Laur-E is prepared to pounce on all three and lots of hugs will be shared! Thank you to everyone who has had to put up with their trip count-downs and their constant talking about the trip and each other. Also, thank you to all of you who have prayed for this to happen and who are praying for travel safety for Laur-E as she flies.

Friends are a true gift of the Lord! Oh man! Are they ever! and this author (Laur-E) has so very many! She is bountifully 'bundantly blessed beyond belief! Truly!

**If you don't know, this is Disney Pixar's newest animated movie, Wall-E at a theater near you!

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