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>> Friday, July 25, 2008

I have now given over to whining. Be glad you aren't around me. Am a big ball of whiney mess. I called our new internet provider and the system hasn't been mailed out yet. Hopefully today it will get sent out but for sure tomorrow. Jim isn't home all day and night Monday so it really needs to come before that. Oh man. I can't believe how much I depend on the internet. So many of my friends are found in there, so it is for all of you I'm whining.

I do have something else to look forward to. In a couple of weeks, Peej and I will be taking a road trip together to Ohio. Maybe I've mentioned it here, don't remember, though, so I will repeat myself. It is well worth the repeat!

Peej and I have never once met but only live a few hours from each other. I can't wait to be "stuck" in the car with her. I am expecting it to be loads of fun. We are going to see our good friend Dee, another FW, who lives in Ohio. She is hosting another FW friend, Chrissy, from Australia. I can't wait but I am trying to learn to live in the moment. I did that while in Washington.

I truly enjoyed each moment there and it did make time seem to stand still. Usually I'm always looking forward to the next thing. I think this is one thing God is trying to teach me: to live in the moment. What a hard lesson but a very good one.

These are Mari, Amy, and my feet as we lived a most delightful moment at the Mari's beach on the Columbia River. What awesome memories I get to keep with me forever and ever.

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