So Thankful

>> Monday, July 21, 2008

I am so very thankful for each breath I have so that I can praise God for the boatloads of blessings He's given me. I have a husband that puts up with me and my crazy moods. He loves me just because. Imagine that! I have kids that are pretty special, too. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

I have parents that support me and pray for me all the time. Am very thankful for that, too. They raised me to love the Lord and follow Him. What a blessing! Wow!

I also have friends who love me no matter what. I have friends here at home that I get to see and touch. They are incredibly special. I have a core group that listens to me and we get together for lots of fun.

I also have internet friends that keep me in check. We are together in an instant. It takes no pre-planning. Just turn on the computer and there they are, except, of course, when our internet is down. Then it isn't so easy.

Each family member and friend adds something special to my life. I am incredibly grateful for the powerful ways God has worked in my life. He gave me an amazing vacation with my friend Mari. I got rested and relaxed. Wow, was I ever relaxed. And the beginning of August I get another road trip with another Faithwriter friend, Peej, that I've not yet met but feel we have known and loved each other forever. We are going to Ohio to see another FW friend, Dee, along with Chrissy, from Australia. We'll be there for a couple of days. I can't wait for another adventure.

I am also feeling really well. The medicine is working great. I still have some down times but overall, I'm feeling wonderful. Best I've felt in eight years. Its scary for me to declare that but I am stepping out in faith. For now I will enjoy it. If circumstances change later, you all can help me deal:)

I, Laury Hubrich is so very thankful for all my blessings and if I were on the mountaintop again, I would shout it out for all to hear.

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