Gilligan Island Type Day!

>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today I left home without a book to read, no laptop to connect to the internet with, and nothing for lunch. I felt like Gilligan's Island and their three hour tour:) I only had a doctor's appointment, which doesn't take very long and then pick up my medicines and go home. That's it. Simple day. Instead, I find out I have to wait three hours for an x-ray on my ankle. That meant I had to kill those three hours in town somehow.

I did, at least, have a cell phone that I can now text from. I also dug around and found some money so I could get lunch. Do you know that for $2.14 you can get a double cheeseburger and a large sweet tea at McDonalds? I took my lunch to our State Park so I could sit by the water and think and pray but the park was being worked on and there was no good place to sit. I did go to the amphitheater. It was pretty but the mosquitoes were so bad that I quickly returned to the car. I scrounged around until I found an old pen and note pad where I quickly wrote out this blog entry:)

Its just like our struggles in life. We can't see all the good that happens because of the pests that get in the way. Instead, we take cover and get in our survival mode. My Gilligan's Island type day did finally end. That's why this is now getting written (because I'm finally home) It was a pain but:

I have a friend dealing with her dad's recent death and having to say goodbye to her daughter and grandkids because they were moving.

Another friend who is knee-deep in fine arts camp at her church texted me and said she couldn't move her neck from side-to-side.

My day suddenly doesn't seem so bad. I had pen and paper, air conditioner in the car, and a cell phone. Really, what more could I ask for?

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